How hard could it be ?

Latest in the line of broken things on Ruby the Freelander :lol:

Rear tailgate window stuck in the up position, which after some initial diagnosis was because the mountain bike cable that hols the runners in place was snapped.

Now, there are repair kits, that involve replacing the cable, and the entire assembly in LR orig parts was silly money. I found a third party cheapo replacement for £67.21 opposed to the LR original part of £262.87.

Two bolts in the silliest place imaginable that hold the glass in place, two at the top of the runners and one at the bottom. Three holding the motor in place. Fully replaced in just under an hour, worked first time and a rather happy DT :smiley: Especially as the neighbour who just sold his Freelander for a RAV4 :puke: came to see what I was up to, and it just worked first time :smiley: :woot:

So now, to tidy up the LR part that I’ve just take off and put it on ebay, nothing wrong with the motor I just felt that £25 for the repair kits for the broken cables weighed up against the £67.21 for a more guaranteed fix, the definate fix won that war in the no-hassle wars :slight_smile:

So in answer to the thread question, “How hard can it be?” replacing a rear tailgate regulator on a Freelander, doddle.

Happy days, now the bushes to replace …


Window Regulator : A posh term for a motorised fishing reel wound with metal string.

Congratulations on getting a decent price though.

The main issue with them I found was the set up, as they have the annoying tendency to drop down whilst you are driving. They are only supposed to drop slightly when you open the tailgate, but they go out of synch and have to be reset, usually at a dealership. Had loads of them when I worked in the garage.

reset = disconnect battery, reconnect battery put window down, put window up = job done :slight_smile: :lol: