How I have this set up is it ok?

I am now ruuning.
seti@home at 31.82%
Predictor@home at 45.45%
I just got my Einstein@home and it’s running at 22.73%
I still need to put TPR as my team on Predictor@home & Einstein@home
ok just made TPR my team on predictor
couldn’t find TPR on einstein
Leave applications in memory while preempted?
(suspended applications will consume swap space if ‘yes’) should I put this on yes or no?.. :confused:

I check my other email accounts
it seems I have a extra Einstein@home account
don’t know even if you can do this but if someone wants it there welcome to it.

Yes put it on Yes…I think Einstein needs it…

thanks ike


But then dont you have to sign up with that email then?

just check the account I am useing
you can change the email and the user name


Need an email addy?

pm me your email address i’ll send you the info