How long does it take?

Lunch today was left over curry.
I normally order a Sag-Aloo for Sunday breakfast but a Veg curry turned up as well so they were in the fridge over night and oven baked for lunch with a bit of fresh Red, White and Green.

The question I have is, having feasted on a Vegan repast, how long do I have before starting every sentence with “As an VEGAN” becomes a reflex action ?

A course of remedial burger action has been prescribed, we have most of the ingredients for a Big Mac but lack the surly teenager that gets the order wrong, will this be enough ?

Have I strayed too far from the path of Meatiuosness ?
Will I be stranded on the green side ?

I do not currently own a bicycle and there are no indications of spontaneous beard growth.

I may have to locate an emergency ration of Biltong…

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oh no - we’ve lost him team :sob: