How long????

I can’t get any work from Rosetta, SIMAP or SZTAKI, so I thought I’d load Climate Prediction as a new project for the old AM2 CPU to play with.

I’ve got one WU in progress and after 19hours it has only completed 0.625% with a due date of 08/05/08 and estimated time to completion of 2306hours!!!

Is this normal for CPDN units please?


My Intel Core Duo laptop @1.6Ghz has done 174 hours @ 5.644% and 149 hours @ 4.634% repectively.

On the upside, you get a trickle about 14 hours I think (everytime it “trickles” to the server, you get 259 credits).

In general, I’d say it givs about the same credit etc as Rosetta and the like but takes a lot longer to complete one unit but you still get it as you go along.

Anyhow, welcome to the CPDN team :thumbsup: Nice to have some more TPR members on it again. It’s been a bit stale recently.

Cheers Drezha. :thumbsup: Makes a change from protein folding for now.

Should i see some trickles by now :xfinger:

First wu 82 hours 1.68% 3131 hours to compleate
Second wu 82 hours 1.65% 3132 hours to compleate


Possibly not. Currently the CPDN site is down for database maintenance. Should be up tomorrow I think so check then.

Looks like it’s about time to send a trickle in yes :slight_smile: