How many files do your full virus scan hit ?

Just out of interest really, I deceided to do an “all drives” virus check for local drives on my work desktop.

Been going for 2.5hours now and just about to reach 2.5million scanned files :eek:


Well Avast has been running now for 8 days and its only done 74k files :confused: does that mean active files ? :lol:

im sure theres a little more on the local drives of this pc :confused:

thats impressive thought DT !

No idea as it runs at about 3am

bin thats the on access virus scanner :wink:

Selecting a manual run…a fair few…not run one for a while but I dont think I hit 1 million…

I only did a virus scan once …

Result Of Scan
Avast has found dangerous files on your computer - would you like to delete the folder “C: Windows” now ?

:lol: :lol:

it finished at 3.6million files :eek: and that is without all the others that are on the work in progress server in the loft :slight_smile:

Damn those 2Kb files in vb projects :lol:


Well, I only have one real PC and I just archived a shed load of stuff and removed an old hard drive that was doing nothing useful.

Result: 272,607 files. Scan just finished.

Prior to removing the old HD it was close to 750k.

Just finished a friday scan, 311038 files