How many forum members does it takes to change a light bulb?

Throws a few extra logs on the pit, I am going to need the extra light :slight_smile:

A small, well managed fire pit does provide plenty of light

…and it’s not even November 5th :slight_smile:

these new bulbs seem to last some time now …

That’s the power of these new-fangled LEDs Malk :smiley:

I been thinking that these new fangled LED’s are not in keeping with our fiery phoenix therefore without consent, I swapped out the LED for a classic short life Halogen. :tiphat:

They don’t last long so I have left a box of spares in cell 3 store room with the left over fireworks.

P.S. don’t remember this skeleton down in cell 2 and the old Pentium II 233mhz… still it seems to be working plugged in and doing something :shifty:

there were left over fireworks - don’t believe you :confused:

Just doing a Glass and perspex check - lightbulb still intact and undamaged, places a Tick in the book :slight_smile:

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Did you check to see if the bulb is now a energy efficient, and if not did we ever determine how many TPR members it would take. Inquiring minds want to know.

Think its LED now


Thanks Sarge! Glad to know you guts are staying on top of things. ~smiles~

My Guts ?

LMAO. should have been “guys”, but at first I made a typo and said, you “gays”, but I fixed that. . . Gee still typo queen and going to leave it for the laugh.

No No no I removed the Led as it was not in keeping wth the fire :fire: of the Phoenix it was only appropriate that it could burn out :blush: but I left a box of spares in Cell 3. It’s more a cosy orange tint not the bluish bright it is a dungeon end of the day :blush:

Good move! A nice 3000K is just the warm glow of a fire. Glad you stayed around to keep things in order.

bit dark in here

Someones nicked the bulb and spares in cell 3.

Clucking Bell
Its Mortlake !


Manged to source some on Ebay i’ve put them in Cell 3 put one up I gone for the 1000Kelvin colour thought it best suited easy on the eye :slight_smile: I not sure who’s AMD Thread ripper 3990X is in Cell 5 plugged into the light socket only just seen :scream: dam shame cell door locked.

Anyhow we have light :slight_smile:

Being an Eco-Weenie Chinese LED it will have failed by now and the seller will have withdrawn from Amazon.
But another seller with an identical product range and oddly identical product photos will have registered with Amazon and have roughly the same product feedback.
This will be pure coincidence, nothing to do with Amazon being full of shysters and tat-merchants.
The most durable thing to come from China is the Wuhan Sneezles!

Anyway, I have sourced a 150w tough lamp as perfected by Thomas Edison, all other lighting is inferior.

As a plus side the pot plants I have put in the room seem to thrive on proper light and the heat from the bulb…