How many forum members does it takes to change a light bulb?


Times have moved on since the OP. So the question now is How many forum members have a 17th edition ticket.


…but it’s 6 months later and a lurker from another team started it up again:catfight:


at least these energy saving bulbs last a year and not the normal 6 months :wink: now it should be bright enough to be able to see again by about june


Of course if the light bulb in question is a Maplin solar powered flood light (part number N01HT) you wouldnt bother changing it and just get used to blundering about in the dark

On a cloudy day such as today and most other days at this time of year, 7.2v at 20ma doesn’t even start to charge the battery


:tiphat: I Have… not that I’ll ever use it!!! :smiley:


I wish you buggers wouldn’t keep changing the damn bulbs, you’re playing havoc with my mushroom farm down here

pokes new bulb with pointy stick, lights candle and wanders off


<smug eco warrior mode on>
All my bulbs are now low wattage :sarcwave:. Ner ner ner-ner ner
<smug eco warrior mode off>


[QUOTE=Droid;463426]<smug eco warrior mode on>
All my bulbs are now low wattage :sarcwave:. Ner ner ner-ner ner
<smug eco warrior mode off>[/QUOTE]

but mine actually work :wink:


Low wattage bulb? Is that what people are calling candles these days?




Once a year, we call candles a “fire hazard on a cake” and that day is Wolrams birthday


Fire extinguishers at the ready lads, it will soon be here :wink:


As we’re now over the 6 month time period for this to be highlighted again, I just thought I’d bring it to everyones attention.


OK OK lightbulb changed. Back to sleep everyone ;p


how can we go back to sleep when you just turned the lights on :sigh:


I heard that the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off due to financial issues :sigh:


No it was due to be turned off, but a recent EU directive states that any lights at the end of tunnels must be turned off in a safe and controlled manner by a person or persons fully conversant with the procedure.

As there never has been a procedure for the turning off of lights at the end of tunnels, a committee has been formed to reach an agreement on staffing levels required.

so . . how many forum members would it take to turn off the light at the end of the tunnel ?

or does this require a new thread :shrug:


:haha: love it, made me smile with my morning coffee :smiley:


Surely we have to petition the members to see whether there is enough interest to participate in the said committee, and then the committee would have to perform a cost benefit analysis over the time & cost of the committee compared to the saving if we turned the light off.


I’ve just received a rather snotty email from the National Union of Third Tier Electrical Routing Switchers

apparently even the thought of switching a light off without being a member of the union would contravene all known legislation :sigh: