How stupid can you get

As title:wall: :eek:

The push for entertainment has hit an all time low.

The Jackass form of entertainment, don’t know how anyone finds that sort of thing funny :rolleyes:.

Jackass can be hugely funny, sometimes its not I’ll grant you that much.

The video above isn’t.
The saying may go “theres no such thing as bad publicity” however, being a DJ its something of a hindrance to have set your tongue on fire. By the time its healed and he’s back on the radio everyone will have forgotten about it.

What a tool

jackass can be funny… te bits where they inflict serrious pain on easch other can be very stupd and really very pointless.
but i do like the one’s where they do the stunts on skateboards or bikes or shopping trollys.
however i dont like the idea of yong kids copying it.
its foolish for them to do so jackass is for entertainment (not for all)
not a school for kids to behave like that.
but then again its not just kids like the vid above.
but to be honest adults should know that sitting there feet in a buck of water while licking a live bug zapper is going to do damage.
if they dont know that they need to go back to school or be locked up.

He should have known better. Water and electricity don’t mix well together.