How times have changed

I’ve been meaning to chuck out a couple of PC’s but hadn’t done it because the disks needed to be wiped. Nothing of real use a P75 and a P200 in a tower case that wouldn’t fit under my desk.

Today seemed like a good day since I need to get into the garage and start finding “stuff”

I could have spent an hour per machine booting into knoppix and running find + shred on every file on the disk

Much quicker is a 10mm drill bit and a tube of grip fill

Since the local recycling centre cannot legally re-use ANY electrical appliance due to the risk of getting sued for electrocuting people all equipment is low level recycled.
This means it goes to Hull prison and is sorted into two containers marked metal and plastic

No point giving them anything that works but not so long ago I would have re-used them for something somewhere.
Now I cant even be bothered to find an AT keyboard

I’ve got a box loaded with brand new keyboards and optical mice and a slew of peripheral cards such as older used sound cards and a few fairly new SCSI cards that have never been used, possibly even a Jazz drive card or two. Sadly, I can’t give the stuff away, and I doubt any of it will sell on eBay for enough to cover the cost of packaging. I’ve got a half dozen hard drives ranging from 10 - 80 GB and a 10/20GB tape drive that’s without a home. I might be able to square away some money on the drives if I can get myself up to wiping the drives, but the rest is just about junk.

And now I have two dead PCs with fried mobos and one with a dead PS in addition. Too old to use anything but the HDDs on a new system, possibly the case as well. Sadly overall very little of this stuff is over 6 years old.

might have someone interested in a 80gig how much for it?

Not quite settled on the 80GB yet. I have an 80GB IDE with data I need to pull and then I have a 80GB SATA that is not in use. Whichever NAS enclosure I can get will determine which gets the boot. Hopefully I’ll have that sorted out in the next week and I can let you know if your party is still interested.

yep thats cool no rush :slight_smile: