How to convert Blu-ray to iPod?

Do you have used a ipod ?If you have used one,you maybe convert something from one device to another,can you tell me how to convert blu-ray to ipod ?I’m looking forward to your answer.Thank you in advance!

Just plug your ipod into your Ps3


Or take your ipod down to cash converters and part-ex it on a blu-ray player

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Surely not

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Struggling with the h’english here.

I think it says:

"Do you have a used iPod? (yes, I do) If you have used one (yes, I have) you maybe convert something from one device to another (can’t quite fathom your banter here old bean), can you tell me how to convert blu-ray to iPod? (would be most difficult, my iPod is tiny compared to a blu-ray disk, I don’t think it would fit…cut it into slices maybe?) I’m looking forward to your answer (charmed, I’m sure) Thank you in advance! (sorry I couldn’t be more help :frowning: )

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Hi Guys, how can I convert an MP3 file to a blueray file, to enable it to be viewed on my Iphone in HD resolution @ 1843 x 651 :confused:

… oh yeah, in joint stereo dolby surround :slight_smile:

O’dear old bean well technology advances so much that there is only one sure solution.

1st Save your Mp3 to a 120min audio cassette
then plug the thingy majiggy into your betamax

transpose to betamax

then plug into your 1970’s Tv and turn the Red/Green channels down to leave blue.

Press play on betamax machine

Your should now see a blueray creating nice blue snowy effect with audio

Hold on you say… its not in stereo

Well old bean plug the betamax into your graphics equaliser and on the left channel move the 1st slider up then the the next down and repeat

then on the next channel move 1st slider down and next up and repeat.

Bingo persuade stereo.

Dig out your DVD camcorder and record onto a DVD jobs nearly a good un.

put dvd into computer & plug phone into computer then mount phone as Disk drive and copy DVD files accross.

aah so that’s how it’s done :smiley:

although there is one slight problem … where do I get one of those computer things from ?

Well there is an easier way… just wrote a program that can handle it all and comes with all needed hardware!
Just send me your address with a certified check for $200.00 US
and I’ll get it right out to you.
Oh don’t forget to include the $50.00 shipping and handling.

ipod make me confused sometimes.In fact,you can do wahtever you want to do just with a good tool.

I think transfer files from iPod to Mac need iMacsoft iPod to Mac Transfer.
Well,copy files from iPod to PC is easy for me with best software.
And, if you are looking for the best dvd converter, here it is.
Have a good day!

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