How to remove a read receipt?

It’s another Outlook/Exchange query,

I can’t find a way to stop read receipts being responded to automatically. The option in MS Outlook is greyed out as it’s going through Exchange… i’ve heard there’s an option to disable this for all users on the exchange server but not for just one individual (which would be preferred).

This is using Exchange and Outlook 2000.

Does anyone have any ideas? TIA!

In Outlook, Tools->Options->(Preferences Tab)(under E-mail)E-mail Options->Tracking Options

From there you should be able to choose :

Always send a response
Never send a response
Ask me before sending a response

Now this is using Exchange and Outlook 2003. Hopefully there is something simalar in Outlook 2000. At least this is how it is set up for us. If it is greyed out, then it maybe a setting in Exchange that was done when installing it.