How to tell what port something is using

Playing round with some CCTV software with the aim of setting up a dedicated PC up for cctv monitoring/recording with remote access.

Got it up and running and now i’ve got a great remote view of my shed :lol: but this is local, if i want to get it working i need to forward the port… thing is, which port :confused: i’ve looked at all the options and cant see which one its using so… how can i tell ?

/edit, OS is Xp btw :slight_smile:

how are you viewing the feed ?

If it’s xp, add the cctv software exe to the firewall rules, then when you go back into it to edit it, does it give you the port number :shrug:


Standard xp firewall, just asked me if it was ok to let the software through, if i go back to firewall settings it just shows the softwares name, no detail on port number

Try one of the utilities on this page…

…I’m not that swift on networking, so I can’t recommend the right one.

you want tcpview

Spot on, tcpview showed me which port it was listening on :thumbsup:

Now… what to do with a view of my shed from work :confused: , may be
slightly more usefull when its the other way round :lol:

Are you using a proper cctv cam ? or a webcam ?

and what software are u using ? sounds a good idea :slight_smile:

:nod: Be interested in the details too :slight_smile:

Well we looked at a system that someone near us had installed, looked great and was even linux based but came in at over £1000 plus fitting.

Started to look on ebay and found which is a 4 channel dvi capture card with software. Uses proper cctv cameras which are also abundent on ebay, plus we still have 4 from our last setup.
So even with the cost of buying… say a £300 dell pc, 2 cards and 8 cameras i think we could be under £600 plus running the cable for a stand alone unit that captures, records and allows you to monitor from home.
Software isn’t exactly intuative tbh but seems to do the job, next i’m going to buy a second card and see if it can work two cards.

I know that if you approach a proper company for a 8 camera system your talking alot more money than £600 :nod: plus its a bit of fun for me to setup :slight_smile: