How to Transfer BIONC

Just set up another boot partition for XP Pro because XP64 was giving some driver issues. Now I want to transfer BOINC to the new partition. How can I do this without chucking the WUs which are 4 off 85% complete CPDN sulphur cycles and represent about 300 hours crunching x 4 CPU cores.

Better still, can both OSes access the same boinc data directory so it crunches the same WUs however it is booted.

Pretty please, this is urgent, its my best cruncher - a dual, dual core opteron 265.

Oh, I was using 32 bit Boinc :slight_smile:

Just imagination, as I haven’t done this but this is what I would try first:

old partition:
stop all the boinc-related processes
archive the boinc directory (making sure there were no access problems)

new partition:
install boinc without attaching to any projects
stop all the boinc-related processes
archive and then delete the new boinc directory
restore the old archived directory on the new partition where your new installation was
reboot from the new partition and Bob should be your uncle.

It would be better to play games with shorter-lived projects to make sure the chosen method works, before doing it for real with your CPDN workarea.

If the partitions are both visible, you could try diddling the registry on one to point to the boinc directory on the other. Otherwise you could install boinc on a third partition visible to both, playing with archiving as above.

ummm… in your particular case, I don’t think it can be transferred and continue crunching without data loss.:frowning:
Normally you can just copy the whole Boinc directory, if necessary re-install Boinc and start off from there.

However, you note the OS is different - now I’m not certain about how Boinc will interpret XP64 versus XP Pro, but if it follows the norm, it will assume the XP Pro is a new cruncher. This will mean it will not be able to accept the WU back from the new cruncher.

In theory (though I’ve never tried it), you can crunch the WU under the new XP Pro install then transfer the whole sheebang back to XP64 to upload. How that would work with CPDN trickles is another matter.:confused:

Hmm, the different machine identity is something I hadn’t considered. Maybe I’ll do a day or so Rosetta and try that first.

Thanks guys

think bigest thing is system name need be same as the one used in the 64 bit windows i have changed motherboards/cpu’s and not had problem keeping the units i was working on also now with new bonic since you can suspend a unit from working then restart it think long u keep name same when u do the switch over just suspend the WU’s then restart when u got it up and runing again.

Balrog, I did nearly the same thing about a year ago. Here is the link to that thread.