Howdy all

Hello everyone:tiphat:. I am from the PAX alliance and walter i just wanna let you know…your fourms are boring!!!:catfight::o:o:o

I’M AWAKE!!! Hi Woody! Welcome to the TPR Madness m8 :smiley: :wave:

:moon: Howdy :wink:

You only get to see the “public” stuff being a mere mortal

Pax who? :stuck_out_tongue: :catfight:

heya :wave:

I :google: 'd for them and found they are some sort of publishing company.
Not a very friendly one though, the logo seems to indicate tension in the corporate identity department.

I’ll show you all PAX who :furious::devil:

:lol: :lol: MrTFWitt…what a nice warm welcome for new visitors. You put up with me ALL THE TIME…:lol: :lol: :lol:

Jimbo :smiley:

Hands up who thinks Jimbo did the above logo…

hesitantly raises hand

… spelling is too good for Jimbo - he maybe had help :wink:

Jim, These guys lay it on you more then i do… Guys keep this on the down low… he hates being called old:Plot:

Of course they lay into me. Wolly, I spent 1 hour on spell checker before I posted it! :smiley: I feel more comfortable here Woody than our Forum…These are REAL CERTIFIED LOONIES!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:


The Old Man (Just Barely More Than Wolly) :tiphat:

Jimbo :smiley:

Ok this fourms are very confusing…:whiteflag: