Howdy! New here.... Blame---> Egad IveGoneInsane

Howdy Ladies and Gents. I’m new to the forums, and just getting back into folding. I started many many moons ago with Seti@Home when it first started, after about two years and not finding a little green man, I gave it up… LOL

So, I’m back. I’ll have 6 or 7 PC’s and a PS3 folding for Seti@Home, Rosetta@home and Milkyway@home. I already have my team set up as Team Phoenix Rising… Hope that’s ok?

So my long time friend Egad Ivegoneinsane (Glenn) showed me this site, when’s the party start?

Doug aka dnachristen

Welcome to the team Doug…:tiphat:

Any friend of Egad is a friend of ours… :cuddle:

Sounds like a nice little crunching farm you have there… How do you fancy joining our Docking@Home team - one of our main projects and one that we’re #2 in team stats. :Pimp:

Welcome Doug - the Folding team (315) needs all the help it can get

@Mortlake - its team 315 not 415!!! Don’t recruit people on to the wrong team now!! :smiley:

Hello Doug - welcome to Team Phoenix Rising!!!

I am glad the insane one decided to introduce you to us!!! I hope you will like it here. We are a small group of very like minded individuals passionite about distributed computing.

I say like minded - but as you see above there are many projects we all run so you will have to decide yourself which ones are most important to you!

I know what you mean about Seti - I have been doing seti on and off in one way or another since it started, but I started questioning its scientific value and asked myself question - A) what has it actually directly contributed to humanity? B) Is it just a gigantic waste of electricity? I came to the conslusion the answer was: Not much at all and: Yes.

So now over the last few years I have found my passion for ET being redirected into medical projects and I am far more happy.

These are my favourite medical projects:

  1. Docking@home. I firmly support what they are trying to achieve and encourage others to join me as it’s a little known / underutilised CPU only project. We are currently #2 in the world for credit and #3 in the World for RAC which is outstanding given the small size of the team - and need all the help we can get as we are under heavy fire from a couple of much much bigger teams. We are doing well to hold the front line but have suffered many injuries :smiley: and require backup and medical assistance :smiley:

  2. GPUGrid. This is a new project to me and I do not currently own a GPU that can be used on this project (must have more than 256MB RAM) but having looked at the science and the number of papers published recently (and also the sheer enthuseasm and activity of the scientists invlolved) I really am falling in love with it. I think it compliments docking perfectly as docking is cpu only and GPUGRID is GPU only. I can see myself buying a GPU at some point in the near future in order to join this project, help get TPR into the top 100 teams (and also get back into PC gaming).

  3. Rosetta@home - rosetta really for me is a backup project - if I cant get Docking@home to work on a PC I will install Rosetta on it instead.

  4. Folding@home. Well this is a mixed bag for me. For one I really like the project and the science and have great respect for what they have done over the last 10 years (including introducing games consoles and web browsers to distributed computing). I have crunched the project on and off over th years, but mostly off. The main reason is their insistance on using their own dedicated client (rather than Boinc) and their client in my oppinion has consistently and reliably been a pain in the arse both to install and to run. Things looked to be on the up with the V7 client so I actually thought I would put my money where my mouth is and try it out on two systems today. One system (Win7) turned into a stuttery unusable mess as soon as it used the low end GPUs. The other system (Win2008) installed OK but refused to run at all. So thats it for me - I thought I would give folding one last try but yet again foiled by its crap client.

There we go. That’s what I think anyway.


I’ve been trying to recruit Doug for years! Much bribery and many beers later… Glad you made it! :smiley: :thumbsup:

Yep! Welcome to TPR Doug. Current choice of project for me include Docking@Home and Both produce good points and are stable in my case.

excellent pimpage :smiley:

Thanks guys for the warm welcome!

So how do I go about joining team 415?? LOL I know… Team 315. I think I have my settings right in Boinc. Team is Phoenix Rising.