HP PSC 1610

DO NOT buy this printer.

having major problems with paper feeding.

Very very annoying. :mad:

have you been in contact with HP support over this - I’ve always found them really helpfull. I can’t find a single review that has the same issues with paper feeding that you are having so could be an isolated problem with the feed rollers.

What weight paper are you using and what have you set the driver to ?


You mean an HP printer can actually feed paper :eek:

TBH never been a fan of HP printers for that very reason.

Well it feeds intermittentl…

Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t. This lot I just put in seems fien now…but it’s the same paper I put in before…:confused:

the model Drezha has got has a feed/output tray that is weird from memory, am I right in thinking it’s the model where the output lies on top of the input ?

The problem is with HP printers they tend to use a “pull” feed, rather than the gravity assisted feed of other brands. It works really well in the high cap laser printers, but the inkjets for some reason are so picky it’s unreal. Try flicking the ends of the stack of paper through you fingers before printing.