I am also heading over from SKZ

I was johndou1 there, now Garnock.

Is there a team STATS page?

Welcome to the team! :wave:

Have a look here:



Hello and welcome Garnock

The team stats page is Here


Nice sig.

:frowning: Dropped from 19th place to 55th.

Hi, Garnock.

I was (and still am) Peter Overson at Skz, but have now started using the moniker OgrePete.

Nice to see you aboard. Ian_D (Overclocker) has started a thread requesting a virtual team (sort of a team within a team) composed of ex-Skz members.

Check it out right here


Welcome! :wavey:

Dropped from 19th place to 55th.

But just think of all the new victims above you (like me :eek: ) for you to :stomp:! :nod:

So your here also…Grea to see that most the gang is moving into a new home here…talk soon Doug…


Greg…you know the guy just a little south in the corn/soy bean flat country (IL)


Nice to see you over here Doug m8. :thumbsup:

Whooohoo :wave: :thumbsup:

Originally posted by Garnock

:frowning: Dropped from 19th place to 55th. [/B]

Look on the bright side, think of all the people you can stomp though :driving: :slight_smile:

Welcome :smiley:

Welcome to the team m8. :slight_smile:

Hi Doug nice to see most of Skz is moving together:flip:

Welcome to TPR:wavey:

Welcome to the team :):cool:

Have fun and enjoy ur self here :slight_smile:

Good to see you made it :wave:

Welcome to TPR :wavey:

to the madhouse / THE TEAM / TPR :smiley:

Gidday Doug good to see ya!

Howdy Doug :wave: