I feel sooo alone

The digital darkroom has been hacked again :cry: and as mojo seems to like his :spam: at the moment !

Anyway tomorrrow I will upload the very few mojo’s pics i took before i stuffed my camera up. They will reveal " Love at Mojo’s "

The question is can you guess who ?

seems fine to me - I’ll prepare the spam attack …

:spam: away :smiley:


Hay ya tart you gotta guess if your gonna post :mad:


TK & Kiowas? Damski & Ali were the only other couple there, so I’d say it has to be either one of them :smiley:

The Sarge & Slim :wink:

Not even close Hids :smiley:

Close but no Monica :wink:

Did you sort your camera btw? I hope it wasn’t too fubar’d

errr yeah it was just me being err well ummm … me ! :rolleyes: :wink:

Pete and GK?

ok time to post the pic