I feel stupid....

Like I said, I joined you guys (and girls) because of a lot of :bs: @ the S@NL forum.
Because of a small arguement with only a few, I left the whole team, including my best friends from the Seti@amsterdam-subteam. Off course they were quite upset with my hasty decision.
Today, all leavers rejoined S@NL, and I promised to do the same if they all rejoined - thinking it would never happen… but it did. :confused:

But I feel ashamed to leave you, because you gave me a very warm welcome, and found out I got a twin brother :smiley: .
Besides, I don’t like teamhopping, or teamhoppers…
But I was just being stupid, and joined a new team way to soon, I should have waited and let this small storm just go over…

So I’m afraid I am going to leave you, but I think I will create a new account, infect some PC’s, and join you with that account, to help you a little bit. I’ll feel a little bit less guilty then, but still stupid.
Guess I need a :smackbum:

If you ever need a place to hang out, we’ll be here.

No problem mate! They are your units! Happy trails and don’t be a stranger! :wave:

Your always welcome to post here Lurch :slight_smile:

No problem at all mate:D After a little arguement here, I started another account at another team that I crunched w00ts to for a day. But I’m back here, although I may throw a few to the other team (they’re so far behind us I don’t think we have to worry about it causing them to catch up:p )

No problem Lurch, or is it Lurch 2 or son of Lurch. :rolleyes:

We’ve had people leave hastly from here to so we all know how it feels. Go back and be with your long time friends. :slight_smile:

You’re most welcome to drop in anytime. :wink:

Hey no problems matey :slight_smile:

Just remember to keep calling in to say hello
… (and to keep an eye out for M@tts benchie when the cooler weather gets here :wink: )


Originally posted by wolram
(and to keep an eye out for M@tts benchie when the cooler weather gets here)

dito here ! muhahaha

I hope we get a long very cold winter… I’ll put my rig on the balcony, with some extension cords… :smiley:

I think you should go back home because that is where you really feel like family. We’ll be your second family. Come back whenever you like :wink:

No worries m8, but do us a favour - tell MrTFWitt to get his custardy butt back to TPR, please? We’re all sorted out now, just need the one piece of the jigsaw back and we’re okay again :slight_smile:

Have another :cuddle: before you go m8.

Glad to have met you and don’t be a stranger :smiley:

Welcome to the Team:thumbsup:

Sir Ulli

Well, I haven’t left you yet, and I don’t want to take anymore hasty decisions - things aren’t what I thought they were. :nono:
One of the guys involved in the S@NL :bs: has been unbanned from the forum, so someone started a “welcome back-thread”.
But he hasn’t rejoined (I thougt he had) , he justed posted on the forum, and he will not rejoin either, so my first presumption was right. (first post of this thread) :doh:

I don’t want to jump to conclusions again, and feel sorry for it three days later. :wall:
So I’ll just keep on crunchin’ with you guys - to be continued :Orbit:

Welcome back :smiley:

Originally posted by Karlloss
Welcome back :smiley:


I never left you guys ! (didn’t I tell you I hate teamhoppin’?) :smiley:

:lol: Welcome to your change of mind then :p.

Originally posted by Speedo
:lol: Welcome to your change of mind then :p.

:nod: Thats what I meant :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Have fun :wave:

Glad to see your staying with us!:flip: