:trophy: :tiphat:
I start monday :smiley:
Door to door sales…
just asking people if they want to buy thier council house ect…
so im off to the job center at 2 this afternoon to sign off!

Congrats Andy :slight_smile:

Congratties :thumbsup:

Well done Andy :yippee: Just what you need before Xmas

Top Stuff Andy :smiley:

Nice work!

Congratties :woot:

well done andy :slight_smile:

congrats and good to see you up off you backside :stuck_out_tongue: serious though well done you deserve a break

nice one dude,

good on ya mate:)

thanks guys :D,
im looking forward to it :slight_smile:
will make things alot easier.

I’m happy for you Andy. :slight_smile:

I turend up at the guys office nice and early.
none there…
so i waited untill i was due to start… still none about,
i tried his mobile about 20 times,
his office number about 10 times…,
i stood around glasgow in the pouring rain for over an hour and a half for nothing…
i would swear but i feel i would be far to explicit.
unless i get through to him by tomorrow afternoon i will be reporting him to the job center :frowning:
so close to christmas too.

nooo thats not fair, lets hope it was just due to traffic or something

Congrats Andy!

lol Heidi was that lag or somthing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I don’t think she read much past the first post.

And it took all I had to do that dance!

lol its ok,
ill sort something.