I know I'm being difficult but...

… why does the quick link option for “Todays Posts” show posts from past days as well? Shouldn’t it simply say “New Posts”?

Or am I just being pedantic?

Todays posts should show just the last 24 hours of posts. New posts is unread posts, two completely different things :slight_smile:

In answer to your question - a little :wink:


LOL, shouldn’t it then read “Last 24 Hours” seeing as when I scroll through those posts I see some are marked as “Yesterday”?

Now the answer is alot isn’t it?

:haddock: :haddock:

/me considers a “personal” template option for Juggy :chuckle:

Some templates do have it as last 24 hours instead of todays. Shall I change it or ignore Juggy ??? :lol:


I’m only pulling the dangly bits :eek: DT. It’s fine the way it is, I’m just hung over and feeling full o’ sh!t.

Whoah, no sooner said than done.

Senhor SupaFastDT (Double Tart):lol:

The hangover will get better, the rest, well we’ve learned to live with that :wink:

Hey, how come he gets a special template ?
I want one too.

PS: Whats a template ?