I want one

Gotta get one of these :smiley:


Ooof! :eek: That’s awesome!!

I’ll be the guy in line right behind you! :cool:

<cutting into line>


I want!

Sorry… Security here

<cough> Your all queing in the wrong line

If you could like…just re-form a line over to the far left near checkout isle 3 instead :wink:

It would be most appreciated :nod:

Ta muchly

…See’s joe public fall for devious plot and quickly shuffles himself to front of line :smiley:

Most Cool I want I want I want

One what? The link isn’t working for me?

if I had internet for more than five minutes at a time - I’d upload it for you… :mad:


basically its a R/C Model

Its kind of a cleaver boat come something other.

Won’t say more than that you need to see the Vid :wink:

Hopefully somebody will be able to get it up and posted if the link still does not

I have the chaps website who built it in my fav’s on my laptop at home
since he has plan’s on making more.

could you post the link PMM ?? I would but cannot be arsed to download the vid agen :wink:

My interest is peaked now, I must see it :wink:

trying an upload now…


success !!!

That things amazing!!! I’d love one!

Any ideas where you can buy one and how much they are?

Cheers for posting the vid DT :thumbsup:

Cannot buy as yet… but the chap is working on it, so we should be able
to sometime.


When I get back from work, i’ll put up the link to the chap’s website.

He needs to work faster :wink:

isnt the link mat the end of the vid?



Can you imagine the fun with a fleet of these things at a future mojos? :smiley:

Hmm… maybe not… based on the RC car experience:
Wyntrblue’s will be fine until it goes through a puddle.
Speedo will have two, neither of which will get finished being built.
Alta’s wont start.
Mine will stall randomly for no good reason.
Pete will somehow have a go and stick it into the parked cars.

mine lasted till it hit a stone and flew into the air… the puddle damage was someone else :stuck_out_tongue:

The puddle was responsible for ending my fun. Although fortunately all was well again once things had a day or two to dry out.

Hmmm…a full sized one would be fun…no more traffic jams or paying for ferries :smiley: