i want to join a team

as one of the top 40 crunchers i think i should join one of the teams but which one.

the team which comes up with the best reson i should join will get my help.

Join Team South, you can be our North-East representative :stuck_out_tongue:

Join VT Python!

We’re a bunch of friendly and active members and we crunch!

We’re a small team but always welcome new people! :smiley:


Because you don’t know, so we just told ya :wink:

Join VT Python because we are the most wacky and need the most help. Plus, we’re way better looking and we smell nice. And remember, “It’s all for the good of the country!”

We need your help to keep China British!!! :wasted:

Please join team #net
That will make Renata happy, which…
Will make Neal happy, which…
Will result in lots of amusing posts for our enjoyment.

Join Team Flying Banana , a team with a long tradition of winning and riotous parties in amongst Donnas Coffins, with your help we can stomp Team USA and get a start on reeling in the Fat Gits. :smiley:

Or as put by Storm, you can join the amazingly good looking Python and your features will improve and people will flock to your workplace to admire your beauty! :smiley:

Joining VT Python may result in no such things occuring… :stuck_out_tongue:

Step up to the oche and join TPR Darts :slight_smile: a team with a long tradition of drinking and playing darts :wink:


I mean, look at it logically:

You could join TPR Darts or #Net and SAVE the whales,
You could join the Fat Ba$tard$ and BE the whales,
Or you can join VT Python and HARPOON the whales!!!

So the question is not what team you should join, it’s “Do I really like whales that much???” :chuckle:

You MUST join Team Python. We are :spam: free. Well, apart from the :spam: baked beans, sausages, :spam:, :spam:, :spam:, :spam:, :spam:, :spam:, :spam:, baked beans and :spam:…errr actually we have quite a lot of spam :frowning:

As sir lot of spam Ike said…

join us! :smiley:

and together we can rule the universe…wait, thats a star wars film… :doh:

Why join any team at all?

well people the pythons have worn me down so sign me up
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Welcome to the team! :smiley: :cheers: :drink:

Welcome! :thumbsup: Very good to have you. :woot:


I think a more valid question would be, why crunch classic?

The reason the question “why join a team?” is invalid is that by participating in ANY DC project you have already joined a team. The whole concept of DC (distributed computing) is based on the fact that there is much more strength in numbers.

So I have a question for you. Is your question serious (are you really looking to join a team but do not feel you have a reason to do so) or is it what it seems to be (a rhetorical question to help you make the point that teams are stupid or otherwise unuseful). If your question is serious I can give many reasons why a person might wish to join a team. If it’s just a rhetorical question then you get some of these… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

You really need to switch over to SETI BOINC. Classic is winding down.

Knew someone would eventually rise to that less than obvious bait :wink:

No, of course the question wasn’t serious :slight_smile: - hee hee - the mere fact that one is a member of TPR in the first place, or any DC team for that matter, makes it redundant - the forum/team is the TPR team, no? :smiley:

Anyway, on a side note, our Seti Classic time is exactly Four Years today so, here, Classic is stopping - haven’t decided which other DC project gets the nod, or electricity, yet.

All suggestions gladly received.

I like Einstein@home because it offers the possiblity of seeing hard science results in a reasonable time. They operate several data mirrors which should help with uninterrupted data service.

It certainly seems a good idea to have at least two projects running, particularly since the Berkeley campus seems to be rather “unlucky” from time time. I have a nominal 50/50 split between seti and Einstein, but so far the actual productivity is 40/60 in favour of Einstein.

Well if SETI Classic was worthwhile then SETI BOINC is as well. We really need our Classic crunchers to switch to BOINC because most of the other teams are doing it. If a good number of Classic guys move to SETI BOINC, together with the new recruits we’ll be getting through promotions that I and others will be working on we should be able to kick some arse fo sure! :nod: