@Ian_D Seti Queue

Ian, is there a problem with your Seti Queue? I can’t reach it at all and I have some work units starting to back up.


Sorry chaps - seems DYNDNS.ORG has LOST my dynamic IP entry

Just resubmitted it and all should be OK again (I hope !)

Someone care to try it please ?


[UPDATE] Doug Johnson has just sent 4 WUs back (17:15 BST) - it’s WORKING again :confused: [/UPDATE]

Neal - change the IP address back to downham.homeip.net, should be OK now. :eek:

Ian, can i also use your que?

Feel free m8 - open to anyone who wants to use it. :cheers:

HOST downham.homeip.net
PORT 5517


Thanks for the use of the queue, its fast.

Silly me - I used DYNDNS.orgs DYNAMIC IP product and this expires after 35 days (with no updates). :doh:

I’ve now changed it to use STATIC IP which doesn’t “time out”

Sorry chaps