ICS + Routing Ports

I normally have the modem on Machine #1 Which holds my apache server.
But Due to my modem dying, and refusing to install a diffrent modem driver on Machine #1, I have resorted to installing them on Machine #2

Problem is, I thought All I would have to do is go into ICS settings and turn on “http” service and divert it to Machine #1

But I still cannot access the webserver from http://wormss.net/
web address.

So I’m guessing More needs to be done… but I’m not sure what. :frowning:

Open port 80 on the ICS machine?

Yes, I said above “http” service and divert it to Machine #1

no offence or anything but get a router :wink: ics is far far far to annoying to get working right

I have a router, i hate it, I have demoted it to nothing more than a Wireless Access Point.

so don’t use a spoon to slice your beef :wink:

Set yourself up a windows server, or better still do it properly with something like Firebrikck/box whatever it is called (the linux router project)


why have a windows server?..
my machine always run fine… since my compie was on 24/7 and never crashed.
But this Crappy BT 105 Modem… ARRG… it works diffrently to the Speedtouch 330

BT105 makes a Fake network card which is ALWAYS “limted of no connectivity” and the dialer is using “WAN MiniPort PPPoE” !!!

Whereas Speedtouch 330 just Dialed using the Speedtouch 330… which is the way it SHOULD BE!

How can Bulldog, a company that no longer exists, supply a perfectly good modem, and AOL have to fudge everything up by giving out a modem that is just WRONG.

And its not just port 80, it just wont route ANY port!
its just stupid!!

Iv tried sharing the Network Card, the Fake network Card and the dialer… I even trying Bridging the connection!

When I share the Dialer, its the only time ICS works, but no port forwarding.
Whereas if i shared the Speedtouch dialer, everything works perfectly!

Buy a proper router… u know from pcworld… or ebuyer… dont use cheap BT crap!

Router deffo, ICS is a bag of crap anyway, dumps the TCP/IP stack and DNS entries for no reason at the drop of a hat. You can get really good routers for next to nothing nowadays.

Router :nod:

Linksys WRT54 series is ace. And if it doesn’t ahve what you want to start with, flash it DD-WRT firmware to get it.

not much help but, BT crap + aol = recipe for disaster imo :frowning:

tell me a way to play C’n’C generals with a router and I will think about it… Til then, I’m sticking with modem, that way I can see with a graph the speed of the internet, keep a log of how much bandwidth iv used, when i used it.

I’ve never had to use a router in 3 years, why start now.
And I found out the modem IS dead. Buying a Replacement, Will arrive in a few days.

I love ICS, never had a problem with it with the SpeedTouch Modem, Its just you cant get anything done with the BT105. due to its Piss Poor way of working. Great if you want 1 machine, not to share the internet in any type of advanced way over a network.

don’t take this the wrong way - but get your head out the sand and listen to the advice !!!


DD-WRT can log internet traffic if you buy yourself the right router. (Linksys WRT54G V1-V4)

I’ve had no trouble play CnC on both Xbox (CNC3) and on the PC (CnC Gold pack).

I also run a webserver and FTP server (drezha.homelinux.net) behind a router and works fine.

No way wouyld I ever use ICS these days, my router does all I want.

After playing with networks at uni, no way in hell would I use ICS. I’m agreeing with DT on this.

most routers also have inbuilt firewalls too :wink:

Good for them, I replaced the modem, Everything is fine now.

The bandwidth monitor im using Wont work with what ever a router tries to log, so there is no point in the router logging anything. My bandwidth monitor runs along the bottom of my screen so I can clearly see whats going up and down to the second. All a router would be able to tell me is Numbers If I ever went into the setup of it. I cant be botherd to do, sit there Every second, refreshing the page just to see whats going up and down now.

I would follow the advice DT. if it was the advice I had asked for.
Trust me, I dont like routers, i Dont want a router.
My setup is perfect for me right now. All i wanted to know was why would Port forwarding not work on a different modem and how to get it working again.

But since I cut out that problem by getting the same modem as the one that died, its perfect again.

OK, so next bit of advice, take a look at the geekiest ISP there is - Andrews and Arnold if you want traffic stats. Blocks of IP no problem, real time actual usage and a tech support policy that will make you chuckle.

There is NO way I’d trust a network based on ICS. My opinion, based on experience.