Idea to get more active folders

I have an idea:eek: how to get more active crunchers, we find all the inactive check their profile and if they supplied an e-mail adress and send them each a friendly e-mail asking them to continue folding for TPR:D

Just an idea:confused:

I think Curly was looking for somthing similar a while back. Good idea!

I’ve already PM’d a few on here that used to be very large number folders or crunchers that have moved on.

The Stooge race is doing wonders, the Beefy race also. I have a feeling it won’t be long before a few more come to the project, although we have to be carefull with a decision on TPR future with regards to “primary” projects :slight_smile:


Again I say we should consider sending “friendly” e-mails to inactive folders who supplid theirs

Did you get the latest newsletter butc8 or have you selected to not receive ?

Just interested :slight_smile:


I say we set ourselves goals, like We must have at least 45-50 active foldes etc.

i dont think we should attempt to force anyone to crunch. i stopped completely after 18k seti WU’s for over a year. i eventually came back on a small scale.

people come via crunching, but they stay for TPR. i think we are more a community than a crunching team anymore.

We are not forcing anyone to crunch, we are encouraging them

You could also encourage friends and family to run… even under your name :slight_smile:

I selected not to recieve, but I think I am going to change that, If theres anything interesting forward the latest newsletter to

Often I dont know if some people know exactly what F@H is even if you e-mail them, so I think the best wayis to go to their house and download the client and explain FAH to them, it just works better;)

Hello TPR Member,

What a past few weeks we have had for the TPR Crunchers. A fantastic race between Nightlord and Maojc, fought right to the end, only 12 hours in a race involving 6 figure targets !! A sad end to the race with Maojc deciding to leave us and join a new team to find new challenges to his monster of a crunching farm.

Now it’s racing season it would seem, sparked off by the Nightlord and Maojc race, we have in progress the Stooges race in Folding. The team vs the output of Alta, DoubleTop, Mulda and Nightlord. A fantastic side race has come forward between TPR and who have been trying very hard to stomp the TPR Folding team. First to 90th, in essence this should and could be a no contest win for TPR, we have more users in the team and latest stats are we have 8 more active than them. But, things happen to
make these things close. All Folders, new and old are welcome to join in.

Is Folding not your thing? So spark up a race in your project. The best races seem to be those with the most involved. Spark up the interest, get onto the projects own forums. If you have the idea and teams, we have the means to make the stats and updates happen. Just because you spark the race does not mean lots of effort with stats, so come on, dust off them Gauntlets and throw down the challenges.

Keep on crunching,

The TPR moderators.

Here is a copy.

Show them this…

and let them decide for themselves…

I know your young but installing it on someone else’s PC isn’t a good idea. A recent example is JUGGY who got caught…and from what I hear, nearly lost his job.

(But if you you think there’s no way you can get caught, then maybe do it to a mate :wink: Feral_Elf was an ex girlfrined…I managed to sign her up but used a username for her…dam :p)

Ofcourse you must have their permission, and they must understand what is going on, and when you install it on their computer make sure they are with you.

I want to get my church involved by printing info on FAH and TPR in their newsletter.

but you have to consider that getting people to crunch is the hardest bit…as this is all gobbledigoop to them… ( no offense to anyone reading ) many people I have crunching for me do not know what is going on but they trust me to run it on there machines…

as drezha said post that link around and get people involved :slight_smile: ill ad the link to my website… witch seems to be getting lots of hit :eek:

and btw some of us are just warming the farms up :stuck_out_tongue: give it time well roast the beefyones!

That is why I like to download it myself, because then I can easily explain what is going on, and then they fold better and can get more people crunching

(and slip your username and team on to their machines) :wink:


I think we should start coming up with ideas for the email, dont stop brainstorming come up with as many ideas for the email and other ways to recruit members

@ butc8: While I agree with your sentiment, I also would like more people folding or at least more members of the team already returning to crunch, we can not force any one to do so. TPR as a forums/team are active in many DC projects and as such any member of the forums is/and should be free to choose whichever if any they choose to do. The admin/moderator team do try there best to keep members aware of the various happenings within the different teams with a newsletter, hopefully this will bring a few back to crunching for our various teams, as always if have any ideas, sugguestions or anything you would like to see in the newsletter do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the moderator team.