IE 7.0

Anyone tried it? I installed it this morning and it seams a bit quicker than IE6. Also the tab browsing is much nicer than having 100’s of IE windows open simultaneously.

I use firefox…

I tried Ie.7 but it messed my rig up everything that needed ie to work wouldnt work !!

been using it since the day of the launch (it’s part of vista) I like it, using the 64 bit ver, the wifes got the 32bit one on her rig which is normal XP and she’s getting the hang of it, and liking it, I may bring my rig to mojo’s so peeps can have a propper nose at vista if anyone’s intrested

Yes please :slight_smile:

I have Vista at home on DVD, a bit scared to install it though as it’s my main rig and I’m not sure about all my software working on it along with the drivers as well.

Just aquired Windows Vista Ultimate Beta2 build 5219, looks awesome so far.

Been running 5231 as my main OS for a couple of weeks. Pretty cool!

Yea, I removed it because of random reboots and hanging.