IE Home page

I was just wondering if anyone here would know what the keyboard shortcut to make the current website the Hompage in IE is,
the reason is that on a work server i have to use a couple of web based sites, but the homepage set by the administrator point to the wrong site and gives a 404, but the admin has locked rights to get onto internet settings and Admin is rarely avaliable.

Ne suggestions?

it would depend on where he has it set as to weather you can change it,
Looks like it can’t be done with just a keyboard shortcut, what happens when you drag and drip the icon for the page onto the home button? if it refuses then you’ll be scupperd

What happens when you right click on the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop? Does it give you an access violation message? If not go to the options and change the home page there. It does the same as changing it whilst IE is open through the Tools menu option.

And the winner is Damski, draged there and it asked me if i wanted to set it as the homepage and it worked! Tried the options for IE but when i right clicked got a properties option but no internet options.

W00t for lax security!