If Cassini-Huygens finds evidence of "appreciably intelligent" life on Titan..

… do you think the news would get released, or would it be suppressed?

It was something that I thought about as I was reading the article on the BBC site regarding Cassini’s recent close fly-by and the pictures it took. When the Huygens probe is due to land on Titan on Jan 14th 2005 it will, if it survives, make a detailed study of the surface of Titan and reveal any interesting features.

I am a firm believer in the whole ET/UFO phenomenon and I believe that if they truly do exist, the relevant authorities have done a good job of covering it up, throwing out massive amounts of disinformation and discrediting anyone who tries to prove otherwise.

As an example, when Neil Armstrong & Co landed on the Moon he radiod back that there were a number of huge saucers/ships sat watching them from a craters edge. If true, it was obviouslty edited out of the publicised broadcast but radio hams that were monitoring the original radio signals from Apollo 11 picked up the unedited conversation:

The following astonishing conversation was picked up by ham radio operators that had their own VHF receiving facilities that bypassed NASA’s broadcasting outlets. At this time, the live television broadcast was interrupted for two minutes due to a supposed “overheated camera”, but the transmission below was received loud and clear by hundreds of ham radio operators:

According to Otto Binder, who was a member of the NASA space team, when the two moon-walkers, Aldrin and Armstrong were making their rounds some distance from the LEM, Armstrong clutched Aldrin’s arm excitedly and exclaimed:

Armstrong: What was it? What the hell was it? That’s all I want to know!"

Mission Control: What’s there?.. malfunction (garble) … Mission Control calling Apollo 11 …

Apollo 11: These babies were huge, sir!.. Enormous!.. Oh, God! You wouldn’t believe it! … I’m telling you there are other space-craft out there … lined up on the far side of the crater edge! … They’re on the Moon watching us!

Read more:http://www.ufos-aliens.co.uk/cosmicphotos.html
Before you book me a place at the Funny Farm™, even if you don’t believe in ET/UFO’s do you think that if they did exist, the relevant authorities would go public and risk the entire breakdown of religious and cultural beliefs?

“Before you book me a place at the Funny Farm™, even if you don’t believe in ET/UFO’s do you think that if they did exist, the relevant authorities would go public and risk the entire breakdown of religious and cultural beliefs?” :eek:

I am with you on this one.
Yes I also belive ET/UFO’s are out there.
NO the authorities would not release the info!

Ditto on what sj says

i think if if they did try to cover this up… by now this forum would have been closed down, your home ransaked computer destroyed, and just to really pee u off, reset your bonic account.

but i do find the moon a very interesting creation…

[forgive if these are not the exact numbers but u get the idea]

the distence from earth to the moon is 35000 times the distence from earth to the sun
the size diffrence from the moon to the sun is the !!EXACT!! same number.
there is ment to be from within 25 feet diffrence… !!

thats why we get a PERFECT eclipse… and i mean !!PERFECT!!.. as u can see the suns flairs! [corona i think its called]

and also … the speed the moon goes around earth compared to its own rotation is perfect to have the one side of the moon, facing us !!PERMINATLY!! !!PERMINATLY!!

anyone else just think thats like very very spookey

Not necessarily. It would still be possible to have a creator’d’universe type thingy.

I wonder if there will be, in the event of a discovery by seti berkeley an attempt by the government of a cover up. OR if this has already occured. And what might be berekely’'s plan to make sure any discovery is shared with the public?

unless they do the thing like they did on Contact…
where they phoned EVERYONE … TV/military/ect… so they couldn’t.

government/militay would be the last person u tell… u know what those guys are like!..
with there flashy blinking light thingys. and another… [FLASH]

*** i dont think we have anything to worry about the government, they are nice people that want nothing better to do than help us… ***

I think that it would almost certainly be covered up, but religious figures wouldn’t even be told about it. Governments, as they become more secular so as not to offend any religious people, wouldn’t let something like the idea of god come in the way of releasing it. They would keep the knowledge secret to prevent panic, or cover up their dealings with such life. As to the impact of the discovery of extra-terrestrials on religion, I think most would be able to cope. I did once see a line in a catholic hymn book:

“Lord of Atoms, Lord of Space,”

Sounds to me like there’s room for E.T in there.

That seems to be quite a cosmic coincidence and does provide a very spectacular spectacle (so I’m told - I have been to 4 total eclipses including the one that went right over my home and every one has been covered by cloud…)

That is a consequence of the strong tidal effect of the Earth on the Moon - not unusual. Happens to the inner Jovian satellites too, for example.

THIS is why I love looking at what the spiders/bots/guests are viewing.
I missed this thread first time round and it still makes for interesting reading now.

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