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LinuxWorld Expo in Windows Server shocker
Penguins sell out to Beast of Redmond
By Lester HainesPublished Wednesday 3rd May 2006 13:59 GMTGet breaking Reg news straight to your desktop - click here to find out how.Linux jockeys: prepare your world to be rocked to the very foundation of discarded pizza boxes and crumpled tissues on which it rests.

No, the news is not that Perving Jedi has closed his Natalie Portman nip-slip website, but rather that LinuxWorld 2006 Conference & Expo is batting for the other side - and when we say the other side, we mean the forces of galactic darkness operating from their base in Redmond, USA:

http://www.linuxworldexpo.co.uk was running Microsoft-IIS on Windows Server 2003 when last queried at 3-May-2006.

Yes indeed, reader “Styles” tipped us off as to this outrage, and Netcraft kindly supplied the above verification.

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo 2006 is due to wow the UK-based open source community on 25-26 October. The programme is as yet unpublished but will doubtless feature a guest appearance by Bill “Great Satan” Gates giving forth on the technological and humanitarian benefits of running Windows Server and why open source will eventually drive humanity to mass extinction. Book now to avoid disappointment. ®

So the linux world site is hosted on win2k3…um :confused:

well how else would the open source community know what MS are up to ?

I mean, I know for a fact that all the machines in the MS building are not running just MS operating systems, so why is this such a shocker ?