If Seti1 is coming to an end..........

If SETI one is indeed coming to an end on May 17th… how about we all start stashing wu’s until may 16th or so… and go out with a bang with a huge massive team dump :bigdump: … Let the oc 'ers pass us with a false sense of securiity and then we let them have it…IN STYLE… :lol: :lol:

If the rumors hold true, then let us make our final stand and hold our ground (why not try to take some too)…and say to the OC…

we have 10 days remaining.

Think you are going to need powerful ring muscles mate :smiley:

just old Neal… you send everyone else grey :wink: :slight_smile:


They better fix BOINC first! :nod:

Yep, I can’t see seti 1 finishing just yet. Isn’t BOINC still in beta?

I didn’t really get along with it when I tried it.

Thought I’d give boinc a quick run and it seems to be running smoothly so far :slight_smile:

Yup. I crunched a few units a few days ago. Seems OK and I got credit. Lifted TPR from 6?? to 2?? position in a single day :slight_smile:

i didnt like it at all. messed my system up so badly it needed a reinstall.i probably wont be using BOINC

The new version 3 seems a lot more stable

Whenever they end send out new wu, I have already a stash and cache of 1000 wu.
I personally use setistash with a cache of 200 each.

You can count me in to maximise a dump on the day of every single cached wu to help the team.

Heck, it may even be “the signal”, you never know :wink:

SETI says that if a WU in not returned with in I think its 7 days they do not count it. But SETI have a nasty habit of not actually doing what they say they are.

I give up before it finished :lol:

so lets see if this rumour is correct… todays the day
or as normal with borkley its going to be another one of those rumours to get people interested in boinc, seems to have worked and sparked interest here.
personally the 5000 for seti 1 is more of a goal for me 300 odd to go