If you're ever in Russia - avoid the Lefortovo tunnel!

:eek: Security cameras in Russia’s recently-completed Lefortovo Tunnel captured some pretty wild high-speed car accidents.

The 3.2 km tunnel appears rather cramped, but that doesn’t stop any of these drivers from traveling at ridiculous speeds, nor has it prevented from being generally careless.

Watch the video here

All of these incidents resulted in ‘vehicle damage only’ so there’s nothing grim on view :slight_smile: Imagine being on the back seat of that bus though!

Wow!! Some of them look like they hit oil. Either way, that’s certainly a place to avoid!

my god, with the car pulling out onto another lane when someones comming… what an idiot…

Some good midnight browsing there shanks :thumbsup:

/edit, and anyway, shouldn’t you be planning your mojos weekend now :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s great and very wierd. Can’t really see the reason for much of that carnage. The cars that stay in a straight line seem to be able to stop pretty quickly.

I’ve seen that one somewhere before, numerous ideas on whether some of it is a mighty fine fake. Check out the lorry crash near the end in detail. Where does the second lorry appear from ?


:lol: @ Peige, after midnight is the only time I get to play :smiley:

as for Mojo’s… yeah will perhaps in another life. This one is a no go for me again :frowning: unless I make it for a day visit and as good as it is that is stretching it a bit.

@ DT I’ve played it a number of times especially the lorry one and I cannot see where it appeared from, but it’s a dam good fake looking at the carnage that’s left after the impact. Also I think the last two are the same incident just taken from different cameras. I still think I might avoid the area if I go there though :slight_smile: