iFail @ iPhone dev :trophy:



I left it while moving… and now, 4 weeks later, I can’t do anything :frowning: It’s just a mindmelt for me. And getting pushed now to get this app out the door.

speak to the Hammond ?


The Hammond? about iPhone???

well what else has he got to do? learn about radiation or learn about iPhone dev :chuckle:

I really must give him a call soon …


What type of application? They have a good SDK for development on a MAC. Now Windows or LINUX that’s another story but I’m sure you can do it in a good editor. It is C like in structure from what I have seen, and uses DRAGONBall Processor calls for low level stuff. http://developer.apple.com/iphone/ should be the best place to start if you haven’t. I just looked at several samples, and they look straight forward from what I can see.