Im 19 and...

…i’ve just booked my first driving lessons. A little late for my generation but at least im starting now. I’ve got my first lesson on tuesday and should be having them every tuesday for the next 10 weeks. :woot:

Have fun.

Lucky I’m not back in Barnstaple then :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Good luck and have fun.

Don’t worry how late it is. I didn’t start lessons until I was 25, as I didn’t need to. I only started when I got my first job in a garage and it was necessary. I was quite happy cadging lifts up till then.

Just take on board what your instructor says, stay clam and you will be OK.

i have had 19 lessons and am 17 woot woot :stuck_out_tongue: done all my manovoures and am getting put in for test as soon as i take my theory but a bit skint ATM

Thanks everyone. Just got back from the lesson and i was straight out on the main roads which was a bit quicker than I thought it would be. I mixed up my revometer and the speedo and ended up doing 60mph when i thought i was only doing 30 :doh: I was within the speed limit though which was lucky. Apart from that, all i did wrong was veered off to the left slightly a couple of times. Its strange going 60mph down the north devon link road when you’ve never driven properly before. It was fun though.

Good on you Scott. Get the mistakes out the way quickly :D. I failed my first test, due to over-confidence. A good slap-down from the examiner made me think a bit clearer on the 2nd test and I passed.