I'm Back!

Right, now that rl has settled down, and things are kinda back to normal, the rigs are back to crunching. So I’m running seti as always coz it was the first project I started, but I’m looking for a second project.

So let the pimping of my machines begin…lol.

Answers on a postcard to…

Welcome back TG. Glad things are OK with you.
[/Pimp Mode On] Docking@home must be your first choice as there’s a bit of a race going on with The Knights Who Say Ni! (see Biology@Home threads)
[/Pimp Mode Off]

Welcome home TG :thumbsup:

Glad the RL stuff is sorted :slight_smile:

Welcome back TG :slight_smile:

Funny enough, you came up in conversation when we all met the other week !

Docking is the current project thats got a bit of a buzz about it on here :cool:

HI Tank Girl!
and a big welcome back here too!
When you get settled, turn the turret and point the cannon at Docking@home! We would love to have you aboard.

Welcome back :slight_smile:

You should Dock your tank at Docking you will feel right @Home


k so both barrels will be pointed at docking

welcome back :wave:

…mine… :wink:


Welcome back Tank Girl :slight_smile: