I'm getting a new toy!, I'm getting a new toy!

at the new job

a pair of Sun’s with dual CPU’s and 8 cores per, Now that should be interesting!

erm tis late <rackles brain>

so that’s 32 ickle beasties ?

nah ignore tis late that’s 16

Is it Sun’s Dual AMD64 … 4way dual core rigs

If so mmmm nice :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure it isn’t AMD based but each CPU socket can run 32 threads at a time.

What the heck you going to use that for…F@H … :smiley:

No really what is it going to process…? One Huge Database or modeling…I just was wondering…I could maybe buy 20 new AMD64 rigs for what it cost for this bad boy… :rolleyes:

The CPU sounds like this thing… http://www.aceshardware.com/read.jsp?id=65000292
Hmm… might need luck finding software for it?

It would make a nice DB server for sure especially if it needed to do transaction proccessing. It will have a Oracle 10I DB on it but the on chip ethernet controller sounds like a pipe from heaven and should have multiple 10 Gbit feeds.

I can’t say, but if you had a hammer and a round piece of steel and hit it firmly on the flat end.