I'm jinxed

Oooo yes me jinxed

Decided to upgrade the HD in my lappy & other drive is going into a friends.

So… Story Starts that I get an Icy Box & 320 GB drive to replace the WD ext that

Moved the data off to the external ready for restoring after

Wipe the old drive

Insert new drive

Get Toshiba recovery CD’s for re-installing

CD/DVD throws a funny won’t read anything and resorted to ejecting CD while still
spinning at full speed.

Net Result = PMM ready to chuck the whole lot out the window


Oooopss!! Bad luck m8 :frowning:

BIOS Upgrade, sounds like its needed.

pure fact the CD/DVD is knackared :frowning:

Had issues in the past but its been fine for a while bad timing that it went completely.

Though my fault for not checking it was reading disks ok before i started :frowning:

Just have to wait for the delivery now…

One cd/dvd slimline drive got from Flee bay… £12.50p + P&P

Well beats the £100+ for a new un.