I'm Not Dead YET!!!

DT left a message so I thought I’d say “BOOH” :cuddle:

MD keeps in touch and should be keeping you fairly up to date.

Oh, I’m a grand dad :smiley: So thats another milestone reached.
I’m still on the 48hours to, well, 4 years survival rate. It was 5 years,
but a year has passed since they gave me that news.
I now have a kidney starting to fail. But at least I have a spare :rolleyes:

I’ll keep popping in to see how your all doing.

And just a little reminder :spammed: :spam:

Hey good to see you about dale :wavey:

COngrats on beign a Grandad mean your getting old now :smiley:

Good to hear from you again, Dale :slight_smile:

MD has been keeping fairly quiet so we have not had many updates (although, by the sound of it, not much has happened)

Hey Dale, great to hear from you. There’s a thread somewhere hereabouts bestoling your legendary :spam:ing abilities.

and the king of :spam: returns :smiley: Nice to see your about Dale and congrats on being a grand-daddy :slight_smile:

:woot: The powah of Google for DaleTHFC :lol: I knew you had a site somewhere :sneaky:

Of course, its just co-incidence that this means my post count goes up one :rolleyes:

16wu’s more for you mate and you reach 2K seti before the end :wink:

Now don’t you go running off again, we need someone to show el whippersnapper Neal what real :spam: looks like.


Hey Dale,

Glad to see you are still there proving them wrong! Although we miss the :spam:


As IF I :spam:ed :rolleyes:
ME??? Never :hehehmm: :sneaky: :shifty:

I think I might be able to :spam: up the place a little
from time to time :smiley: :devil:

And as for mD, time for a txt message :bondage:

:spam: thread ?? Where ? :uhh:

Grandson Here

heh Dale
Glad to hear from you.

Still hoping for you speedy recovery! :wave:

:eek: Dale’s Back :eek:

Nice to see you posting here again :slight_smile:

Great to hear from you Dale :cuddle:

Congrats on becomming a grand daddy, he is a little sweetheart

Think the emo you’re looking for is :worship: Neal :lol:

crikey - the padawan is gonna get a kicking for that one :bondage:

:spam: just aint right if the smilies are wrong :frowning:


wooohoooo some
for you sir.

nice to see an old face <spammer> return :slight_smile:

failing miserably look at Dales post count, he been away for how long now?
and he’s still double yours lol :wink: :smiley:

Nice to hear from you again Dale :slight_smile:

miss your TPR radio


I had forgotten about that, it was great entertainment :slight_smile:

Good to see you back mate :thumbsup:

hiya dale :slight_smile:

great to hear from you mate!!! Congrats on becoming a grand dad.

Theres a welcome suprise, Dale back on the boards

. . . . PM’s Mincer to order extra Spamdwidth for the TPR server . . . .

Glad to see you back on here mate :thumbsup:

And congratulations on the addition to the family tree

w00t! GREAT seeing you back around a-bit Dale mate:D Missed you 'round here, and hope you get to felling better and sticking around more:thumb:

And congrats on being a grand-pappy!