IM on Fedora core 3 Help?

I decided to ring the changes and switch from Windoze to Linux, mainly as a learning experience/something to do. I have a lot to learn; the latest ‘project’ is getting the IM programme to start at start-up like in Windoze.
Any ideas? We’re all stuck at this end. I am running Gnome, the IM prog is Gaim v-1.0.1-3

yes, in your .bash_profile just run the gaim executable as the last thing. SOmething like this

/usr/bin/gaim &

Cool, that’s a help! Will go away and try :stuck_out_tongue:

I have also discovered that you can go :- Applications - Preferences - More Preferences - Sessions - Startup Programs - add - browse to app - highlight - open , and away you go . works for me OK :smiley:

Groovy, all sorted; thankyou both :wink: