I'm so sad...

I hope it’s not true but if it is… I can’t bare to imagine:(

whats up Jugs?

The most prolific farmer/cruncher of our time has left for pastures new…

I hope it’s not true, he has inspired me to restart my DC efforts after I reached 500K in folding. I swore I was going to stop then but I wanted to stand beside one of the greatest and lead our Rosetta team to bigger and greater things.

To the man from where the sun sets on one of the greatest deserts we know, don’t leave us now… We need your inspiration…

He is our crunching insperation… it truly is a sad loss…

I wouldnt be crunching today if it not for the big farmers :frowning: and to see them leave is a big big loss:(

Good luck to majoc wherever you go :frowning:

Please know your always welcome back :slight_smile:

It is true and it is sad… things change, people move on, people return, so now its our job to inspire the next group of people to give crunching a go :slight_smile:

Don’t dispare Juggy, TPR is more than just one person.

Unfortunately there are two realities: Firstly ‘crunching’ and overclocking have become very much more straightforward and so little discussion actually needs to take place as to how to squeeze the last iota of power out of DC projects. Secondly a lot of the ‘hardcore’ members have had their priorities re-adjusted by Real Life.

I cannot run the number of PCs I used to - but I still run 10 nodes (including PCs I support with potentially another one coming online soon :smiley: ). I would not claim to be a ‘hardcore’ cruncher but I still get cross with myself if a system is sat ‘idle’ for any reason and all my systems run 24x7.

I know the Major has been looking around for a while, and I sincerely hope he finds what he is looking for and hope that Nightlord et al can still find what they need here. Of course, I really really hope that the Major finds his way back here!

:nod: I agree. It is a sad loss, as I am not as techy a person as much as you guys are, but I enjoyed all the discussion between MAOJC and the other top crunchers and was lured into dipping my toes in the LINUX waters and finally being pleased that after 4 hours of struggle, inspired with what I read on the board, I actually had a system up and running with, for me, comparatively little effort.

I would not have even contemplated it, if it wasn’t for the Major.

From my perspective, anyone with more than 2
computers is my inspiration!

I have plenty of people to “look up to” JUGGY. :slight_smile:

Wow to be told I’m an inspiration…:stuck_out_tongue:

In fact I think the entire team has been my inspiration.

Everyone has been a key player in my DC addiction and computer experimentation…
Shame to see one leave :frowning:

By 'eck! Gobstruck I am! Saddened much. :frowning: