Important PM message from Darth Spammer

Hello from Team MacNN guys & gals, it’s been awhile.

'fraid I don’t really have anything to say. I’m here on account of your fine new member extepatty, who sent me a PM. Offering free sites and a chance to get rich off referrals and backlinks! Sounds most tempting.

You might want to send a patrol over his way, show him the right place to put his links.

ps - apologies if this goes in the Cantina. It’s been long enough, I’m not sure which forum is for site feedback, mod contact, etc.

hallo there stranger, sorry it took a spammer getting through to bring you over to say hello. I’ve deleted all the PM’s sent by this user and banned them with a +gazillion ban hammer.


I’m sure his justice was deserved. Besides, he has all those links to keep him company.

btw - if all his friends put you under siege, give me a holler. They’ve tried to swamp us before, and we have learned many dirty tricks. Most are behind the scenes, in the registration section and the admin controls for detection/banning. Oh, and my latest dirty trick, which is somewhat more public. :smiley:

You have my permission to plagiarize my tactic. They deserve only the finest service.

LOL!! got a kick out of your approach.

Love it!! I sent 's resident Bot Swatter your addy …terrific tool, keep 'em busy and they will leave us alone!!!

Excellent!! Good to get back at those pains in the a$$ :chuckle:

the problem with doing that is that it is so rare the spammers actually use an email that is not just throwaway or someones they have stolen. So it just gives a headache to the mail servers, doesn’t really “get back” at them at all in my opinion.

Hitting the sites they advertise, if a product based spam is satisfying. Taking down virus hosting sites by reporting to the relevant registrar or hosting provider, that’s easy but time consuming :frowning:


DoubleTop, I believe you’re thinking of their registration email boxes. We don’t bother with those - they are typically registered by bots, and not checked after registration succeeds. Probably never checked by a human at all.

We use the contact boxes they post in some of their ads. The ones suckers … er, customers should use for further info, or to buy. Those long phones-and-game-console lists typically have at least one store email address at the end. Perhaps 20-25% of spam posts include a contact email. Someone has to check those boxes, or they don’t make money.

Hmm! that name above seems to appear on an awful lot of forums around the world. What do you think admins? :chin::spam:mer