inactivity :(

as of a couple of months ago, i quit my job, so as well as now being jobless and having a lack of funds for my own personal enjoyment, i have lost the machines i used to run Boinc on.

so from now until further notice, im gonna have to go inactive for a while :frowning:

ill try and scrape some funds together for the last TPR meeting in November :slight_smile:

Bad luck. :frowning:

Get yourself sorted then make a come back :wink:

All the best.

You won’t earn money playing wow :wink:

Sorry to hear that craig, good luck getting a new job… get yourself out there, if Deon can get one i’m sure you can :thumbsup:

Hope you get employment soon.

Inactivity for reasons like this are excusable. If you are still inactive after you regain employment we set SpeedyJ and Hids onto you :stuck_out_tongue:

:xfinger: for you HOI :smiley:

I hope you get sorted to make it to Mojo’s :slight_smile:


You won’t earn money playing wow
Not nessacarily true…

real life takes priority mate. get a job, income and security, THEN worry about trivialities like computers and crunching.

good luck in the job search HOI.

I hope your situation takes a turn for the beter.

What did I do? :eek:

Hope you get a job soon Craig :nod: Will be good to see you at Mojo’s again :thumbsup:

Real life 1st :nod:

And TPR is going nowhere so will still be here when real life is sorted :slight_smile: