installing xp from a usb mem stick?

does anyone know if its possible? if it is how on earth is it acomplished?


Technically no (not that I know of) Our method here is to make one key bootable for a certain type of computer with a certain ethernet card…then we image them down from a networked computer…( all this using the wonders of Norton Ghost)

I dont know if thats what you wanted to hear… but that is kinda installing XP off a usb Key!

lol thanks bin, but that doesnt help as i dont have ghost and dont have a machine to create the image from anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

biggest reason im asking is that i think the shuttle i have ordered doesnt have any ide ports, and i wont be able to use any of my ide cd drives…

tho saying that i may be able to get my hands on an external hdd caddy, and using the gubbins inside connect up a cdrom drive… this would be a last resort tho

If your computer allows booting from a USB stick (1gb) needed
I’d grab the IBM util to make bootable Key, ISO the WinCD then
Winimage the ISO to the KEY.

Should leave you with what is in effect the equivlant of the XP CD.

I’d personally do it like this.

put new/ the hd you are going to use into another machine as a second drive
format the drive then make it bootable by using the sys command from a dos shell
create a folder on the new drive then copy the xp cd into it.
put drive in shuttle, boot from the hd
run the installation from the hd copy.

not forgetting in all this, that when installing onto a SATA drive, you are likely to need a floppy drive and a disk with the SATA controller drivers on it.

Mucho fun coming up, I can foresee :luke:


I thought xp_sp2 had the Sata Drivers in ?

or am I wrong ?

also all that read access to a usb key wouldnt it kill it ? it would be as hot as hell !!

drivers arnt really an issue as i can add the needed drivers to the xp *.cab file and remove the need for a floppy drive…

either way im not gonna have much choice as i dont own a floppy drive, let alone any floppy disks lol

regarding the flash mem, it should be ok if your just reading from it over and over, its the writing that does them in. tho they can still take like a million write cycles before they conk.

Think i have a usb2 external cd caddy about somewhere and i know i have a usb floppy drive…think those would solve your problem?

SP2 has a selection of SATA drivers in it, sometimes you are lucky and it has the right ones, in my case EVERY machine I’ve done a sata install one has meant mucking about to get the setup to see the HD.

Out of interest, which Shuttle have you ordered, and did you consider the easy option of an IDE>SATA converter if the board has no IDE ? I’m all for taking the easy option and just getting a CD running on the shuttle …


i went for the ST20G5

i would love for there to be an easy option so please please please give me an easy option to install xp on nice shiny shuttle

half way down the page …

Drive connectors
2 x Serial-ATA 150, supports Raid 0, 1 and JBOD
1 x IDE ATA 133 drives (supports 2 drives))

nothing to worry about, just install as normal, there you go, can’t get easier than that.


I recently built an SN25P for my mother-in-law and the SATA HDD in that needed no additional drivers.

My other shuttle is a PITA and I cannot get Windoze to install to the SATA HDD unluess there is an IDE drive present for it to install some bits onto as well! :mad:

Good luck is all I can say.

that will teach me to RTFM lol