Intel D805 Cheapness

This looks very promising for the Intel fanbois:nod: Now holds the OC record at 4.1GHZ:eek:

How much power is that thing consuming though ? Cost of ownership is key, it may clock brilliantly but say over an average pc lifespan of two years I bet you would save the money from the non-environmentally friendly overclock electric usage compared to buying the extreme chip in the first place and running at stock.

Maybe I’m going a bit green, but if you want a chip that does that speed, then pay for it. Much better cost of ownership in the long run. If the overclock needs more volts and cooling then it’s not a fair playing field in my opinion. All my barton 2500’s go to 3200 speeds with no extra volts, and will run at less volts than they say they will when running at stock. Those chips (especially the mobile cores) are going to be hard to shift off my personal opinion of the greatest overclock chip.


I got add that the Opterons 165 & 170 running up arouns 2.6 Ghz on air cooling are a bargain as well, you get dual core goodness for improved TOC with lower power consumption. Granted they are slightly more money initially but over the long haul they are going to cost lots less to operate and cool,

This seems a cheep way to go dual core right now and have good performance. As a farming chip… I hope you get unlimited leccy supply! But it’ll be irelavent in a few months anyway…

To put things in perspective:
Barton 2500 to 3200: 20% overclock (IIRC 166 to 200 fsb with no multi change?)
My first serious overclock: celeron 366 to 610: 66% overclock (increase fsb from 66 to 110 MHz)
My first good chip of the P4 era: 1.8A to 2.8 GHz on air: 56% overclock
My last good overclocking chip: Prestonia Xeon 2.4 - 3.2 (33%) at stock volts, 3.4 (42%) with +0.1V.
The 805 at link above: 2666 to 4100: 54% overclock