Linux on a USB key ?

I’ve fiddled with the cdrom version and floppy versions but never from a USB key.

Need to run Seti without leaving a trace ?
This would allow a bootable system with access to a stash of units and no need to trouble the internet for fetching new units.

Well thats the theory anyway.

You can probably achieve the same with a copy of knoppix on CD and a USB key but I have a whole weekend to fill and tinkering with USB boot images sounds like a way to spend a few hours.

Well if you crack it, bring it to Mojo’s and i’ll let it infect my usb key.

Nice find there ! :nod:

The only problem with this is write life.

USB flash (and all flash) have a finite read but esp. write life and OS’s are really bad at wastefully read/writing to HDDs.

Should be easy - esp with the new machines supporting USB booting.


Well you could hack the think to boot from it, create a Ram drive and run from that. Then at shutdown only write what is needed.

Tried knoppix 3.4 on CD and it seems to work fine so far with no requirement for tinkering even on a DELL Optiplex.

Boots in X-Windows, has wine available and supports the generic 128Mb USB key I’m using.
It doesnt autodetect the onboard Gigabit though.

Need to stop all this work stuff taking up my time so I can experiment further