Internet Explorer 8 image disappeared - Win XP

Had this bizarre thing happen on Tuesday and it’s still happened last night.

Working on a web page in Windows Notepad, was not even saving it and the images in IE8 in the background suddenly disappeared. I checked the folder with the images in, all OK. Tried the web page in Firefox, all shiny. Tried a different page in IE which uses the same layout for the header, link buttons, javascript, css, et al, all works OK.

Checked for this issue on the net and cleared all the caches, checked the Advanced option for the correct check boxes being…errr checked, all OK. Rebooted IE, still the same. Got a page that works in IE and saved it as the web page (events.htm), same thing happened, but only after a short while.

Wiped the web page and just typed in some text, saved it & viewed it in IE, all OK. Copied the web page data back into it and saved it, no images. Saved it with a different name and cleared the caches again, still the same.

I am stumped now. The other pages which utilise the same features all work OK. The data in the web page is just basic HTML, using DIVs and CSS and no fancy graphical features besides the Javascript which works OK in the other pages and ALT text. The only thing I see is in the bottom left of the window a Javascript error yellow warning, which I don’t understand (it mentions .js files that I am using for a dropdown menu, but these work OK in the other pages).

Anyone come across this or have any ideas?

ah, the magical javascript parser of IE error.

Firefox and other browser and more forgiving than IE with javascript, IE is very syntax strict. A good example is the system view of SpacePioneers, doesn’t work in IE and does in Chrome, Firefox etc. If your dropdown JS breaks divs, you’ll stand the chance of seeing nothing like you are. Fix the js, it’s the only way :slight_smile:


Thanks DT. It’s strange that it’s only this page that suffers. All the others use the same jquery.js, etc and I’ve copied and pasted the dropdown menu script from one page to another numerous times, but it’s only this page that falls over. :confused: It’s all the images on the page, not just ones in way of the drop down menu. Weird. I’ve found a solution by googling “javascript parser of IE” and I’ll try some things from that when I get back home.

Sounds like an IE issue with IMAGE engine. I think you should try clearing the temp items in IE before looking at script. Just my 2 cents.

Tried that Greg. Just downloaded an HTML validator and tidied up various end tags (…/> at the ends of some lines) and it seems to have come back now so must have been IE just being a bit picky about it. I’m going to validate the whole web site at the end anyway, it was just annoying as I couldn’t check my code works in the 4 popular browsers as I went along and it was strange that it just suddenly went off. Never seen that before. I hate IE :slight_smile:

IE is very strict