Interview in the morning

Something to do with Linux and routing, networking etc… down in St Albans.

Bit far, but the renumeration should make it worth it :smiley:

fingers crossed

Best of luck to you…

Oooh good luck! Will keep everything crossed for you :smiley:

Good Luck!

Hope it goes well, even if it doesnt the interview practice comes in handy


I hope it all goes well for you :xfinger:


Good luck!

Cheers all, interview went well but there was a stronger candidate who was a better fit technically.

Good practise though as they say.

If nothing else, when you give a good interview, you usually make the “would hire” list. When other positions open up, employers will often look back through the “good” interviews to see if anyone is available.

Ah, well, congrats on getting to sit across the desk from an interviewer, you were 95% of the way there.

One question I usually like to ask is “How long is the trial period for this role ?”
It shows you are prepared to trial the role out and are offering them the same deal, it also sets a time frame where you could call back and see if they took on a numpty, who is about to be replaced, hopefully by you if you time it right.
Sorry it came to me too late for this one but its a handy thing for the “do you have any questions” for the next time you have the interview suit on.

Sorry to hear you didn’t get the job m8, but as you said it’s good practice for the next one and they may still feel the need to ask you back if an additional role pops up. Glass half full me… :slight_smile: