I have two wireless router.
one is TP-Link TL-WR642G 4 port router. I use this router to connect to internet via wireless link.

other router is D-Link DSL-G684T wireless router too. I can’t to connect to internet via this router. I don’t know why… but that router have IPTV in my country called MaxTV (TV broadcast over internet)

with D Link have TV no internet
with TP Link have internet no TV

how to connect this two things :lol:

for now I connect D Link with receiver and TV and all is OK but no interent connection
when connect TP Link and configure to have internet access i can browse the net. second thing connect D Link with UTP cable and configure WAN Setting dynamic IP address, connection type: Briged IP VC Mux I got signal on TV receiver but no picture. but have internet acces :slight_smile:

problem is my English :slight_smile: I can’t write message without dictionary :lol:

maybe this two routers not compatible?
any ideas ?

Wow, in South Africa we barely have decent TV never mind TV over the internet.

Good luck, I would call your ISP callcenter if I were you.

I call my ISP :wink:
but my ISP don’t give that kind technical support :frowning:

Could it be a port or ports being blocked by the NAT ?? - temporarily disable the firewall on either router and try again - if it works then its just a question of finding out which ports are being used and configuring to suit your needs.

I tray that
disable firewall and open port 9041 and 9042 for Ip TV. then I got signal on receiver with out TV picture. when close this two ports - no signal. ( on receiver is little green light called “signal” :lol: )
I must define IP for that receiver and forward traffic from Internet to local LAN on this two ports.

big problem is I have 8 devices with internet acces. only TP Link have good NAT / firewall configuration tool for managing that. some devices have full access, some devices have access from specific time and some devices have access to some web pages and services…

another thing is my ISP will be replace D Link wireless router but I don’t know when :shrug:
That router love to forget login and password settings. Or show me connection established but no web page open (or MSN not connect ) then I must power off D-Link.
If I don’t use interent connection some time forget DNS and external IP (from my ISP) and I must to power off D-Link again and power on.
that going to my nerve :furious:
any time when power off D-Link I must wait 10 minutes (if I’m lucky) for picture on TV (when is connected TV - receiver - D Link)
that going to my nerve too :furious:

maybe is D Link only problem… meybe another router not support ADSL2 and is to sloow for TV over interent. my ISP can’t help me with that and don’t know answers on this question.
( my ISP sucks :lol: )

Problem sored

  • another thing.
    if I use two wireless router and if I wish to connect him one of this router must be in client mode?