Iran accused in 'dire' net security attack

Full story from the BBC HERE

Hackers in Iran have been accused of trying to subvert one of the net’s key security systems.

Analysis in the wake of the thwarted attack suggests it originated and was co-ordinated via servers in Iran.

If it had succeeded, the attackers would have been able to pass themselves off as web giants Google, Yahoo, Skype, Mozilla and Microsoft.

Bit worrying that it might have actually come off :scared:

[QUOTE=Droid;459287]Full story from the BBC HERE

Bit worrying that it might have actually come off :scared:[/QUOTE]

Well, sorta. Article from El Reg

Worst that can happen is if you disable safe search and type in ‘white socks’ in google images. I’m told. Ahem. Googles Https page is pretty unreliable anyway. I like 'em so much I use their DNS. :slight_smile:

Like all security scares (Adobe, anyone?) it boils down to what you search or use Googie apps that anyone else might care about…

After all these years and operating systems, I decided if some monkey wants to scrape my data, go for it. I’m the one who decides what’s in or out? Yes?