Is everybody ready ?

So tomorrows date is 06/06/06 and I wonder what the virus community will drop in my inbox to celebrate this date ?

I’d be guessing a virus called damien to ‘celebrate’ omen opening at cinemas too.

Don’t we all have to go out and buy that eurvision song, heard its being released then. I think your right hids… the new omen film releases then too.

Oh the Lordi song is being released then?

Nice :smiley:

But tomorrow I’m gonna be buying tickets to the Unholy Alliance in Manchester :rocker: :headbang: In Flames and Slayer :smiley:

Load of tosh and bull-twaddle.

The “Evil One” returned years ago … in fact she’s upstairs asleep at this very moment :smiley:

… looks down to make sure the circle of salt is still intact around the chair

The detail is ALWAYS in the small print

:confused: wtf… how did my missus get round your house then Wolram? and if you think salt will save you - think again :eek:

Remember keep all the lights on and don’t undo the padlocks on a night with a full moon. Other than that - enjoy.

well … to be honest I’m not sure what it is your supposed to sprinkle on the floor :shrug:

maybe I could do a pentagram using Coke … or perhaps washing up liquid :confused: I might even have some of those Feng Shui type scented candles to put in the corners :cool:

Interesting stuf…

• 666 is also the value of the kilohertz frequency of the Bodenseesender, a big AM radio station in South Germany, which is receivable at night in all of Europe. It is also the frequency of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Canberra station.
• In the United States, ‘666’ is a brand name of cough syrup.
• 666 is the port number used by the game Doom (by id Software) when playing against another player via TCP.
• In Unix and similar operating systems, a file permission of 666 (which is not uncommon) grants all users read and write permissions on the file.
• 666 is the sum of all the numbers on a typical roulette wheel. (A typical roulette wheel is numbered from 1 to 36, with one (in Europe) or two (in North America) zeroes. See the point on triangular numbers, above.)
• 666 is the numerical value of: “ועתה יגדל-נא כח אדני” (“Ata yigdal na koach Ado-nai”; Now, let the power of my Lord grow) (Numbers 14:17). This was Moshe’s (Moses) prayer invoking Divine Mercy on behalf of the Jewish People. [2]
• CSX Transportation currently has a GE AC6000CW with the number 666.
• 666 is a nickname for Benzene Hexachloride, a powerful insecticide and pediculicide. Its chemical formula is C6H6Cl6.
• Similar to the Roman numeral occurrence, combining one of each of Japan’s coin currency yields 666 (500, 100, 50, 10, 5, 1)
• Apple’s first computer, the Apple I, was priced at $666.66.
• For a time in Ontario, Canada, the Spicy Chicken Combo from Wendy’s came to $6.66 CDN after taxes added.
• Organic molecules are based on carbon-12, with 6 Protons, 6 Neutrons and surrounded by 6 Electrons.
• There is a theory/idea regarding the biblical meaning of 666. Man was created on the sixth day and the Supreme Being is three persons (Father, Son and Holy Ghost). Therefore the number 6 represents man and the fact that it is repeated three times implies that man is trying to be God.

Tell ya its a scary thing when you have a planning system

You have the choice of making a plan with today’s date

Then having a wonderful button called… ‘Make Live’ :wink:

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I created the Devil :devil:

And did you know in a barcode the first midle and last digits are 6 spelling 666